Privacy Policy

You should know that privacy is very important at AsteroidHost. All services are the products that we provide, refer to this Privacy Policy.

Collecting the information

We have been collecting different information at the time, when visitors are registered with an AsteroidHost. They use our services and products while visiting the pages of our partners. The information that we receive from different companies and partners can be combined with your personal information. Thus, you can get a great experience or improve the quality of our services. People who subscribe on our services are not anonymous to us. Initially, we get the information and then copy it from your computer and browser; including your IP address (it is an automatically process). When using our services, we refer the unique identifying number of browser of your device. Cookie files or a single file will contain a string of characters.

We use cookie-files to store user settings, for monitoring user activity, providing experience for the user, and to improve the quality of our services. While the message is sending, we can publish content that transmit information through our services or by e-mail, store this information to respond on all user requests and handle questions from them in future.

Thus, we improve our services. All of the provided information, as well as all our services, are protected by EU laws.

We have an excellent infrastructure, which consists of servers that are deployed on multiple data centers. These data centers are managed by us or our partners.

All this information can be found on the server.

The process of using information

We use and process personal information only for the purposes that are described in the Privacy Policy. These goals include the following:

  1. Communication with you;
  2. Our provided services;
  3. No need for you to enter the same information repeatedly;
  4. Analysis, research and checking for absolute protection and improvement of the quality of our services;
  5. The technical functioning of our network;
  6. The protection of our users and our rights;
  7. Active progression of new services.

No-Spam Policy

Our No-Spam policy forbids using of any data for sending spam. Disclosure of any contact information to third parties is absolutely forbidden.

Selection of personal information

When you do the registration at the service, which requires this, you need to provide your personal information. If we will use this information for purposes, that have differences with indicated purposes in the description of services, we will ask you if you to agree to give your personal information to use it in such way. Many browsers accept cookie-files, but you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies, or indicate cookies when the file will be already sent.

Some of our services and features do not work properly, when cookies are disabled. You do not have to provide your personal information for our services, you can refuse.

But, in this case, we won’t provide these services to you.

Information exchange

We only share personal information with other companies or individuals in the following limited circumstances:

  • We have consent
  • We may share aggregated information with third parties without providing any personal information. It will be impossible to identify you in any way. As it is written in the rules and provisions of our service, including the general conditions of the AsteroidHost.

The security of your personal data

We are working in accordance to all security measures to guarantee the protection of our users from removing, unauthorized access or data changes. It includes the treatment and data storage, data collection process, and physical precautions.

We provide complete access limitation to the personal information of users, agents and employees. They need this information to improve and develop our services. These individuals should work with privacy resentment, because if they won’t do this, they will be subjected to recovery or even criminal prosecution.

By using our services, we make efforts to provide you access to your personal information and correcting this data if it is incorrect.

Privacy Policy: change

Please note that this Privacy Policy may be changed periodically without prior notice.

Last Updated: 27.11.2017

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